Google Announced Android Officially Named as “Marshmallow”

Google Announced Android Officially Named as “Marshmallow”

On Monday, Google announced the official version of the new system is Android 6.0; the name of the system is the Marshmallow. The enhancements of the latest version include fingerprint sensors and an updated power-saving mode.

As we all know, the name of Google Android operating system would often use certain kind of delicious desserts.
It’s said that the Google engineer Hiroshi Lockheimer in a blog reported that, in fact, the name of Android operating system do not necessarily follow the desserts , and it will includes some our favorite delicious food when Google software engineers work overtime at night.

By convention, in the Developer Conference, Google would often use a letter as the name of new Android version, the new name will be announced in the fall, and it often comes with the introduction of new Nexus. Before that, there was news said that its new version of Android will be “Android M” and the number may not be 6.0, but 5.2. But the message was wrong.

Google will launch a final version of the Android 6.0 SDK for all developers, and developers will use it to develop applications that are compatible with the latest version of the Android. Of course, Google’s Nexus smartphones and tablets will be first equipped with the latest version of Android – Official Android 6.0 which is called “Marshmallow”.

This year, the two new Nexus phone will be designed by Chinese Huawei Technologies and LG Electronics Corporation. And its screen size would be 5.2 inches and 5.7 inches, which will be on sale during the year.

In addition, Google will launch mobile phone “Andrews One” in some developing countries, which will also be the first upgrade to the new system.

After that, Google will provide the code of new system with open-source way, and Android manufacturers all over the world can be customized and modified to release their new Android version for their users.

Google had hoped to use the implant software store and Internet services as a return of Android development project. But in Chinese markets, Google’s services and software have been completely removed. And the various mobile phone manufacturers make their efforts to market their own brand Android interface.

In view of this situation, Google launches Nexus and Android One, which aims at strengthening the control of mobile phone system and software, avoiding their own software and services being unloaded by other Android manufacturers.

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