How to Bulk Delete Photos on iPad/iPhone

How to Bulk Delete Photos on iPad/iPhone

Ever since I have got my own iPad mini, I love to take beautiful pictures with it to keep the wonderful moments in life. As time went by, my iPad mini is packed with tons of photos. Now I have transferred all of them to my computer, the next thing I am going to do is to delete the unwanted pictures on my device. However, it seems stupid and time-consuming to remove the pictures one by one. It will take day for me to do that! How can I bulk delete photo on iPad please?

The latest iOS 9 is now available for downloading and installing, Needless to say, it comes with many improvements and innovations. Bulk deleting iDevice photos is one of them. For those whose iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPad Air or other iPad models are running iOS 9 software system, you are able to delete multiple images at once by dragging-to-select instead of manually removing all of the images separately. To make it more clear, below we’ll explain two effective methods to help you achieve that.

Note: These steps are also available to iPhone.

Part 1: How to Delete Multiple Photos on iPad Directly

Step 1: Tap “Photos” on Home Screen

Launch the Photo app to view the entire photos thumbnail on iPad, all photos are listed in different categories according to the date they’ve been created. You can click on one specific category to view the pictures in a detailed way.


Step 2: Tap “Select” at The Top Right Corner

After previewing the photos, you can click on “Select” button at the top right corner. After that, you can tap and drag to pick the images you want to delete with one finger. This is for selective deleted multiple photos on iPad.




Note: If you want to select all photos stored in a specific date at a time, you can click on “Select“, then you will see “Cancel” and “Select” button appear on the right top corner, then click on “Select” again, all photos will be selected at once. If you want to change the items, you can click on “Cancel” or “Deselect” to get back to the previous action to preview and select photos again.

Step 3: Bulk Delete Photos on iPad

Next, tap on the trash bin icon on the top left corner to delete the photos selected.


That’s all. By such time-saving technique, you can bulk delete photos effortlessly. It’s much easier deleting the photos with the above-mentioned tip rather than going to each individual photo and manually deleting it. Now you can clear out plenty of photos on your iPad or iPhone.

Here is another method that you can try to selectively remove bulk photos on iPad in a few minutes. iPad Data Eraser is a tool that works for all iPad models including iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad 3/4 and more. It enables users to erase all data including photos, contacts, messages, call logs, calendar, notes etc. Let’s see how to use iPad Data Eraser to finish the task now.

Part 2: How to Delete Photos from iPad with iPad Data Eraser

Step 1: Connect iPhone to Computer

After installing and running iPad Data Eraser,  please connect iPad to computer with a USB cable. Then your device will be detected soon.


Step 2: Select A Security Level to Erase Photo on iPad

You will have three security levels to choose: Low, Medium, and High. Select one of them to continue.

For your information:

Low: Overwrite all your data with zeros to ensure that the files are not recoverable.

Medium: Overwrite you device data with junk files, so that the files are not recoverable. And no one knows that you’ve erased your device.

High: Erase and overwrite your device three times, and the security standard is based on the U.S.DOD 5220.22-M,more secure for confidential data destruction on your iPad.


Step 3: Delete Pictures on iPad

Now you can click on “OK” to delete photos on iPad. It takes several minutes to finish the process. Once completed, you can get all unwanted pictured deleted from your iPad.


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