How to Create Checklists in Notes

How to Create Checklists in Notes

What can you do to create checklists in Notes on all of your iOS devices, on iPhone, iPad and even El Capitan? Add it on iPhone and sync it to your iPad then Mac? No, there’s an easier way: You can add the note on and sign in with the same ID on your iPhone, iPad or Mac you will surprisingly find that the notes you just created on your are simultaneously sync to multiple Apple devices. Let’s see how.

Steps to Create Checklists, Bullet Lists in

Step 1. Go to iCloud web
Type in address in your browser and sign in your Apple ID. Then you will see the interface as below. You will see Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Photos and more apps in the interface, of course, Notes as well. Choose “Notes” and move on.


If you can’t see the Notes option in your screen, that’s possibly because you haven’t enabled Notes on your iCloud. There are 2 ways for you to configure this:
1. Go to “Settings” > “iCloud” on your iPhone or iPad and turn on the Notes toggle.
2. Find “System Preferences” > “iCloud” to enable Notes syncing.

Step 2. Create New Notes
Click on the Create icon as emphasized in the interface below.


Then, click on the checklist icon (a tick inside a circle). Now you can add checklist on your iCloud now. Hit “Enter” after each one. You can add to-do list, shopping list, and more.


You will get a circle in front of each item. Tap on the circle to mark it as done note.


Note: You can also import existing lists in notes. First of all, you just need to copy the list text you want. For example, like the screenshot below shows, you can choose¬† from “Create a budget” to “Consult with a contractor” and copy it to clipboard. After that, go back to the new notes and paste the text into it. Highlight the list field and tap on the checklist button. Now the existing checklists are imported to the new note now.

import-existing-cheklist-in-newThat’s it. Now, you can sign in your Apple ID on your iPhone, iPad or Mac to see the to-dos you just added. You will see it updated to each Apple device with this ID all synced immediately. Besides adding checklists, you can also add sketch in your Notes or stenography, add attachments like photos, audio, video, locations.

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