Battery and Fingerprint Scanner Function of iPhone 5s

Battery and Fingerprint Scanner Function of iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s fingerprint recognition function

Do you still remember the home button of iphone? Now this home button becomes a magic one with a new function of fingerprint scanning and called Touch ID in Iphone 5S.

This is a remarkable function because it is 550ppi resolution and 360 degree readability. Besides, the steal ring surrounding the button is recognizable.
It means that your fingerprint can be identified no mater how you slide your finger on the home button. It can record the lines of many fingers and the sub-epidermal skin layers.


All of its benefits belongs to A7 processor. The A7 chip can recognize a depth photo taken by sensors.Touch ID will be set in this phone firmly and it is convenient for mobile payment and personal perception.And the information of the fingerprint will not be sent to iclouds but to save in the phone .



iPhone 5s battery function

Will the battery function of Iphone5s be decreased after adopting the 64-bit A7 chip?
The answer is absolutely not and its stanby function is better than Iphone 5.
iPhone 5s supports 250-hour standby, 40-hour music, 10-hour video and Wed browsing,and 8-hour 3G browsing.
In its hardware, the Iphone 5s used the concept of  M7 chip, similar to DSP chip of Gaotong. It adopts a more suitable solution to process low data stream and avoid triggering the high-power CPU.
The enhancement of M7 chip will improve the stanby power to some extent.


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