iPhone Photo Editing Tips and Tricks

iPhone Photo Editing Tips and Tricks

Shooting photos with iPhone is just the first step in the photography process. If you want to get serious about taking great images and making them even better, you should start with editing your images which is not easy at all. Don’t worry. In this post we’ll provide you with insightful photo editing tips to help you plan and execute your iPhone photo editing like a pro.

Part 1: Concentrate on Good Photos First

Some worse-taken pictures cannot be improved much even though they’ve been edited. So you should pick up the good photos first while leaving the bad one alone. What kind of quality does a good photo get?

1. Pictures with correct exposure.

Exposure is everything in photography. If your images are too bright or too dark, you will lose a lot of the information and contrast that makes a good image worth viewing. To get more details, you can go to the related article we’ve published days ago – How to Adjust Camera Exposure on iPhone.


2. Pictures with good composition

In photography, it’s not just what you shoot that counts – the way that you shoot it is crucial, too. Poor photo composition can make a fantastic subject dull, but a well-set scene can create a wonderful image from the most ordinary of situations.


3. Pictures with better focus and sharpness

An important element of photography is getting sharp, crisp images. Unlike blurring background in photos on purpose, the picture with poor sharpness is no piece of art. It fails to tell its story to the audiences clearly and most importantly, it seems unprofessional for good photographer to take photos like that.



Part 2: Edit Photos with Skill

1. Crop the image to strengthen the subject. It is the process of removing portions of an image to focus or strengthen the composition.


2. Don’t get over-used on the “shallow depth of field” effect. This blur effect would make a picture looks terrible if it is used improperly,


3. Converting your photos to black & white is a great way of adding a sense of drama to your image. Also, it gives you an opportunity to showcase a subject, scene, or other elements you’re your photo in a new perspective.



Part 3: Master the Best Apps for Photo Editing

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Now you can start to edit photos with the help of these useful photo editing tips. If you think this post is useful to you, share it with your friends now!

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