Night Photography Tips: Take Beautiful Night Shot with iPhone

Night Photography Tips: Take Beautiful Night Shot with iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, you can easily take great photos in daylight with your device without being a skilled photographer. However, when it comes to taking photos at night, it is still one of the most challenging things for most of the iPhone users. So, do you struggle to take good iPhone photos at night? Have you ever tried taking photos with your iPhone at night and been disappointed with the results? If so, don’t be upset. All you need is just a few simple solutions and you will find out how much fun you can have shooting the night sky with your iPhone! In this article you’ll discover useful night photography tips and techniques to help you take amazing night photos with your iPhone.

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1. Hold your camera steady
Keep your camera steady for sharp shots. One of the main problems with night photography is that your camera has to use a slower shutter speed in order to expose the shot correctly, which can result in camera shake and blurry photos if you’re hand-holding your iPhone.

So, hold your iPhone with both hands to make sure that it is focus in the dark. Or you can use a tripod for perfectly sharp shots. If you don’t have a tripod, place your iPhone on wall, railing, windows or other solid surface to improvise. If you are shaking the camera when you press the screen to tap the shutter button, then use the volume button of your iPhone’s earphone as a remote shutter. That way you don’t have to touch the screen at all.


2. Bump up your ISO
Having a grainy photo is often better than having a blurry photo. Nowadays many digital cameras have amazing high-ISO capabilities which allow the camera to catch light more easily. However, when you bump up your ISO when shooting at night, you will get grainy images with digital “noise”.


3. Do not use your zoom
When you zoom in on a mobile camera, things start to get grainy. To avoid this problem, you should step closer to your subject to zoom in.

4. Use moonlight or street lights to create shadows
If you have a direct night light source shining into your house, such as full moon rays or street lights, stand with your back against the glass and shot the floor beneath you. You could also use this technique while walking around the streets at night.


5. Turn off your LED flashlight
If you take a night photos with your LED flashlight on, the image will be grainy. Make good use of the light you can find nearby. It might sound stupid, but the easiest way to take nice photos in the dark is to make it less dark.

6. Expose for the highlights
The most important rule in night photography is to always expose for the highlights, which are the brightest parts of the photo. You can simply tap on the brightest parts of the viewfinder in the native camera app, and then it will automatically set the focus and exposure for that point. After exposing for the highlights, the photo will become darker and sharper.


7. Use a better camera app
You can try NightCap or NightCap Pro which is a popular free camera app for iOS users. It has amazing Night mode and Slow Shutter mode that can let you take nice night photos. You can even use it to photograph the starts.

8. Convert your photos to black & white
Black and white filters are available in almost all photo apps for the iPhone. Converting your night photos to black and white is a great way of adding a sense of drama to your images. If you have bright highlights and dark shadows in the scene, then the image you shot is perfect for this kind of editing.



In conclusion, taking iPhone photos at night may be challenging, but it’s possible for you to overcome the challenges and take sharp and professional-looking iPhone photos at night. I hope these tips I’ve shown you will be helpful. Now embrace the challenges and have fun!

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