How to Record a Call with iPhone

How to Record a Call with iPhone

Some businessmen are looking here and there for a handy way for them to record a call with iPhone. Because when they negotiate on iPhone phone call, they need something to be record the conversation so that this voice conversation can become evidence when there is argument. How to record a call with iPhone then?

What You Need to Record iPhone Phone Call
iPhone doesn’t offer a built-in phone call recording function. So, to record a call with iPhone 6s/6/5s, you need the help from some third-party apps. The one I would love to introduce to you would be TapeACall Lite. It is a phone call recording app for iPhone users. Just open TapeACall on your iPhone and press the “Record” button. After that, your call will be held and the app will dial the recording line. When the line is answer, just tap the merge button to create a 3-way call.


What Can TapeACall Lite Do
TapeACall has a super simple interface and it is very simple to operate. However, it doesn’t mean that TapeACall can only record phone calls. It allows you to name the phone call recording and play them on your iPhone. As you can see at the bottom of the interface, you will see several options like changing the play speed, play back and fast forward. After playing it, you can also choose the Share icon to share the record to Twitter, Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, and so on.


Tips & Tricks
1. Turn off the app when it’s done. Remember to hit on the “Record” button again and turn off the app. If not, on one hand, it will drain your battery because it continues recording; On the other hand, you have no idea what else TapeACall will record. Maybe some gossip you said about your colleague or something you will find it amusing after you play back the record.

2. Add TapeACall to white list if you use phone data optimizer. We all know that some iPhone data manager will kill sleeping apps or those running silently on background. If the call you are recording is very long-lasting, it is very likely that the record will be halt and can’t be completed when you hit the optimize option on iPhone. Add TapeACall to white list and the data manager will neglect this app.

That’s all the introduction of this useful iPhone app that helps you record income or outgo phone calls with ease. Please leave comments below if you have any problem or any suggestion for us.

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