Share Checklists from iPhone Notes

Share Checklists from iPhone Notes

As we’ve mentioned in the previous article, we can add checklist on our iPhone Notes which runs iOS 9. It is very useful especially when we have many meetings, arrangements, and more. We just need to add the list we like and tap on the checklist icon (A tick surrounded by the circle). After that we can share the checklist to our friends with ease.

Steps to Share Checklists from iPhone Notes

Step 1. Prepare for the Checklists
Enter your Notes app on your iPhone or iPad and go to the note which has the checklists you want to share included.


Step 2. Tap on Share Icon
Then, in the top right corner of the screen, you will see several options: A trash, a share icon and an “add new note” icon. Choose the second icon as you do to share other files like photos, videos and more.


Step 3. Choose The Way You Want
After choosing the share icon, you will see several options including Mail, Message, Facebook and more if you’ve enabled it. Choose the one you like and the note will be shared at once.


If you have other tips and tricks on how to add checklists, sketch, attachments, share checklists and more on iPhone/iPad Notes app which runs iOS 9, please leave comments below and share with us.

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