How to Share Photos in Different iOS Devices with Photo Stream

How to Share Photos in Different iOS Devices with Photo Stream

Photo Stream, a feature built into the Photos app, is a great way to view your most recent photos on all you Apple devices as well as a quick way to back up photos to Mac. It will help all iCloud users to store up to 1000 photos or 30 days of photos at a time.

Different from iCloud Photo Sharing, Photo Stream is mainly used to automatically upload new photos and send them to all your iCloud devices when connected to Wi-Fi. If you would like to share photos from iPhone or iPad with friends and family, then this tutorial is what you’ll need:

Part 1 – For Photos Stream to work, you’ll need to enable Photos Stream on all your devices:

On iPhone/iPad/iPod touch: Go to Settings > iCloud > Photos, then turn on Upload to My Photo Stream.


On Mac: Go to Apple Menu and select System Preferences > Click iCloud and then select Photos > Tap the Options button and make sure that My Photo Stream is turned on.


On Windows Computer

Note: Make sure you’ve downloaded and installed iCloud for Windows (or iCloud Control Panel) on PC before you try to turn on My Photo Stream.

Open iCloud for Windows > Go to Photos and click on Options button > Select My Photo Stream > Click Done and then tap on Apply.


windows8-download-icloud-image (1)


Part 2 – On the following part, let’s see how to access photo stream on all your devices:

On iPhone/iPad/iPod touch: Launch Photos on your device > and then tap on Albums > Tap on My Photo Stream.

On Mac: For Photos 1.0 or later: Go to Photos > Albums > My Photo Stream. For iPhoto 9.5 or Aperture 3.5: Open iPhoto > iCloud > My Photo Stream


On Windows PC: Open iCloud for Windows and go to Photos section. You will see a photo folder in File Explorer called iCloud Photos on the left panel. After My Photos Stream automatically download the new photos you take on your iOS device, all pictures will be stored in this Downloads folder.


What else you should know about Photo Stream? Well, you should make sure that your network connection woks fine all the time otherwise there will be a delay between taking a picture on iPhone and having it show up on your Mac. And it can only show the most recent 1000 photo in your stream. If you want to share iPhone photos with other devices including iPad, iPod or computer more efficiently, here I recommend an easy-to-use program iPhone Transfer. It is an iTunes alternative that can help you transfer pictures between iOS devices and PC easily and safely.

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