Tips for Taking Better Photos with iPhone

Tips for Taking Better Photos with iPhone

Undoubtedly, the iPhone camera has become one of the best phone cameras on the market over these years. But even the best camera needs a good photographer to bring out its full potential. So, if you want to take better photos using you iPhone, we’ve got some great tips on how to do it. Now follow these tips to capture amazing photos with your iPhone!

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1. Keep Your Photos Simple
One interesting subject is all you need. It not a bad thing to have only one subject in your photo because having too much going on in the frame only makes the image overcomplicated. And the viewer will be distracted too. If you choose simple composition, it will make your subject stand out more even though the majority of your photo is filled with empty space.

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2. Shoot from A Low Angle Can Make A Huge Difference
Finding an interesting angle is a trick to easily improve your photos. Try this – shoot from a lower perspective. Shooting from a low angel makes people and other subjects more interesting because we’re not used to looking at them from that perspective. It lets you show your object with nothing but the sky in the background which highlights your subject.


3. Include Shadows in Your Composition
Don’t turn the blind eye to the shadows when taking a photo because the shadows can be very interesting if you make good use of it. So don’t just get focused on the subjects, try to include the shadows in your composition whenever possible.

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4. Photograph Reflections
Reflections are easy to miss in real life but nearly impossible to ignore in photos. Glass, shiny cars, water are the surfaces that we can used for reflection photography. Take water reflection as an example, it can distort the reflection in waves which makes the photos very special.


5. Snap Photos with Then Volume Button
Tapping the digital shutter button can cause camera shake and blur the photos you’ve trying to take because the iPhone is very thin. To avoid this, you can use the volume up button to snap a photo.


6. Arm Yourself with Apps
Sticking with Apple’s own camera app is probably a bad idea. There are other camera apps such as Camera+ which offers you more options and enhancements when taking a photo. So you can consider downloading enhanced camera apps like Camera+, ProCamera 8, VSCO if you want to take great photos on iPhone.

These days, iPhone is more common used for taking photos and videos as it’s always to hand. If you aren’t satisfied with the look of your iPhone photos, fear not: Try each one of the tips above, and then you can seriously boost image quality. If you want to share your tips, you can leave a reply and let us know in the comment.

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