Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men and Women

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men and Women

Are you ready for Christmas 2015? Do you feel that you are completely confused and do not know what to choose for your boyfriend, dad, brother, mother, sisters or girlfriend as Christmas gift? In fact, there are countless gift ideas that you can choose for all the important men or women in your life.  In this article you can take a quick glance at the top 10 dazzling Christmas gifts for both men and women, and then decide the best gift for her or him!

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men


It is one of the most essential tools that are highly needed by men. And your man will thank you for this special and practical gift especially if he does not have one. If he already has one, you can choose the one that has unique features which cannot be found in the shaver that your man already has.


Lifeproof case

It is a perfect gift for protecting your man’s iPhone or iPad from water or from being broken. He will be grateful to you for presenting this nice and practical gift that protects his expensive gadgets.


Nike FueBand SE

It is one of the hottest fitness devices that are available now on the market. It allows you to track your movement and activity even if you are asleep.


iTunes Gift Cards

It is the best gift that you can present to your man if you do not know what to purchase to him and find that you are completely confused because he does not need any of the presented gift ideas. The gifts cards will allow your man to purchase whatever he likes and needs instead of receiving the gifts that he does not want.



Watches are not just small pieces that are worn around the wrist to tell us time, but they are also elegant pieces of accessories that affect the overall look of one’s image. If you want your man to look handsome and catchy, buy him a watch!


Wobble chess set

Playing games is not restricted to young children as adults also do that. If your man is one of those who like playing chess, then you can bring him this nice gift that allows him to enjoy playing chess in a new way that he did not experience before.


Adjustable dumbbells

Let your man welcome the New Year with a healthy body through presenting these adjustable dumbbells that will encourage him to start doing exercises at home instead of going to the health clubs.


Corrymoor Socks

It is not a traditional type of socks because it is made from the mohair of the angora goats. It has typical features that cannot be found in other types of socks that we usually purchase since it does not shrink, and it is prefect for those who have sensitive skin.



Is there any man who does not wear perfume? It is impossible to say yes, because wearing perfume is a necessity for both men and women to smell good. Perfume are available in different scents to meet different needs, personalities and tastes. Make sure that the perfume which you choose is preferred by your man.



Charge your iPhone without the need to use the traditional cables to get the needed electricity. All what is required is to use a protective case and slip it over your iPhone before placing it on the PowerPad. Enjoy watching your iPhone getting electricity magically without cables.


Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

Artisan Bird Ring

Looking for a romantic gift? This handmade “lovebird” ring from Serendipity Handcraft is an inexpensive gift that still feels fresh and unique.



Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

If you’re shopping for a woman who loves her pet, give her a Petzi Treat Cam. She will appreciate this thoughtful gift. The Treat Cam lets her check in on her pets remotely by a tablet or smartphone.


Suck UK Customisable Cookie Stamp

Need a cool gift for a baker? These custom cookie stamps let you press names, words, or messages into cookies, pie crusts, or other baked goods.


Jacquard Stripe Scarf

If you are looking for something practical, layer are an absolute necessity when it comes to winter. This scarf is super soft and cut wide so that it can be folded or worn as a shawl over her shoulders.


Wool Texting Glove

If you live in a cold climate, we don’t need to remind you how annoying it is to have to take off your gloves every time you need to use your touchscreen phone. These super soft gloves are made from 70% wool and 30% cashmere, and feature a grippy pointer finger for texting and invisible thumb.


Sleep Mater Sleep Mask

Someone wise one said, “Sleep is the key to happiness”. Improved memory, reduced stress are all proven benefits of a good night’s sleep. Show her you’re invested in her health and well-being today.


Wish Lanterns

As the lantern makes its way higher and higher into the sky it gets more and more mesmerizing, especially when it is joined by several others in a wish party. Throw one for her right away.


Fivefingers Running Shoes

Treat her toes to a heavenly experience by investing in these uniquely designed running shoes that cushion the soles and offer protection where the foot needs it most.


Recycled Glass Vases

Any women would live to be bedazzle her home with these funky, modern-looking vases. The fact that they are made from recycled materials is just beyond cool. Buy her fresh flowers to put in them, and you will quickly become the crown jewel of her life.


Bath Bombs

Few things are as relaxing as a nice hot bath, and you can upgrade her bath with these bath bombs made from bath salts. They’ll make the water feel and smell ebetter and help relax her away.


Is this list of the best gifts for man/women useful to you? Take your time and choose best gift you like for him/her! By the way, if your friends or family has got an iPad, iPhone or iPod, you can buy them an iOS data manage software to help them manage the data more conveniently. iPhone Date Recovery or iPhone Transfer is the perfect choice for you. By using iPhone Date Recovery, he/she can recover lost data easily and efficiently and by using iPhone Transfer, she/he can transfer data among iPhone, iPad, iPod, and computer.

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