Can You Really Uninstall Preinstalled Apps in iOS 10

To depict Apple on the WWDC 2016, we can use the world “open”. Although Apple tried to be open and shared more daring ideas, it was questioned by its users at the end of the event.

When being interviewed by a famous blogger John Gruber, Craig Federigh, Apple’s vice CEO revealed that iOS 10 allowed users to uninstall pre-installed apps. But the thing is that users can only delete the app and wipe app data but cannot remove them thoroughly. Those pre-install applications are still in the iOS system.

After WWDC, some iPhone pre-installed apps are available in App Store, including weather app, Watch, voice memo, video, stocks, iTunes Store, FaceTime and more. Not so long after that, users found that after long tapping the app, there would be an “x” icon on their iDevice which works on iOS 10. That’s the reason why it is rumored that iOS 10 allows uninstalling pre-installed apps.

Below is the list unveiled by Apple, showing 23 apps which can be uninstalled from iOS devices. From the list, we can know that even iBooks which is developed by Apple are included.

• Calculator
• Calendar
• Compass
• Contacts
• FaceTime
• Find My Friends
• Home iBooks
• iCloud Drive
• iTunes Store
• Mail Maps
• Music
• News
• Notes
• Podcasts
• Reminders
• Stocks
• Tips
• Videos
• Voice Memos
• Watch app
• Weather

According to Craig Federigh, users can remove pre-installed app and personal data of them. But this is not thoroughly. But this doesn’t mean that users can complete control over apps because features of those apps will still be updated when upgrading the system.

Remove Mail

For users owing an iPhone with 8GB/16GB internal memory, they are long to have authority to uninstall apps in their devices. And no one is willing to receive the message, which reads like “Phone memory running out”. However, their longs have not been met yet. Even if they delete the app icon and erase the app data, they can save storage no more than 150MB. So, users have no other choices but clear phone memory by clearing cache and useless data.

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