How to Use AirDrop to Share Photos, Contacts, Other Files on iPhone

How to Use AirDrop to Share Photos, Contacts, Other Files on iPhone

Before using AirDrop to share photos, contacts, videos and other files on iPhone wirelessly with other iOS devices, I would like to explain briefly about how AirDrop for iOS works:

  • It allows users to quickly transfer files between two Macs or a Mac and iPhone, or Mac and iPad without using a Wi-Fi network.
  • It creates an AdHoc Wi-Fi network between the iOS devices and without the need of any configuration.
  • With AirDrop, you can share photos, videos, websites, locations, and more with people nearby with an Apple device.

Note: To share files with Air Drop, you should make sure that both your devices are running iOS 7 or later.

Guide: How to Use AirDrop to Share Files on iPhone

1. Enable AirDrop on iDevices

Swipe up from the bottom of your screen, then the Control Center will show up. Tap on “AirDrop“, and then select “Contacts Only” or “Everyone” to continue.


Note: “Contacts Only” refers to only your contacts can see your device while “Everyone” means all nearby iOS devices using AirDrop can see your device.

2: Share Files with AirDrop

You can share contents from apps such as Photos, Safari, Contacts and more. Take photos as an example, first tap on “Photos” on the Home screen. Then select any pictures you like and click on “Share” button on the bottom-left corner. Then you will see all iOS devices that enabling AirDrop display under “Tape to share with AirDrop” panel. Tap on the contact you want to share pictures with and send the item immediately.


Note: When the items have been shared, you will see “Sent” icon appear under the name of the receiver.

3. Accept Content Transferred with AirDrop

On the other device which you are transferring pictures to, an alert with a preview of the content you want to share will pop up on the screen. Giving you the “Accept” or “Decline” option, you can tap on “Accept” to receive the photos transferred. Then the photos will appear in the “Photos” app in the target iDevice.


Although it is regarded as one of the coolest features of iOS 7, AirDrop does not always works well on all iOS devices. If you fail to use AirDrop to share content between iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac due to some reasons, you can use an alternative named iPhone Transfer for Mac to help. With this program, you can transfer photos, videos, SMS, contacts and more from iPhone to Mac in an easy, quick and direct way!


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