Use Full Length Songs as iPhone Ringtones

Use Full Length Songs as iPhone Ringtones

We all know that we can customize songs as iPhone ringtone with iTunes. However, the shortcoming of it is that iTunes only allows you to add audios within 30 seconds as iPhone ringtones. How to use full length songs as iPhone ringtones then?

1. Get the iPhone Ringtones Maker Ready
To make iPhone ringtones, we need iOS Transfer or other data manager that can help transfer and convert music between iPhone and iPhone/computer. Download it on your computer and connect your iPhone to it.

2. Add and Convert Songs to M4R Format
It doesn’t help if we directly move the songs to iPhone ringtone folder. We have to convert them to M4R format before it. Thankfully, iOS Transfer can automatically convert the audio files, we just need to Choose “Ringtones” option on the top after you choose the “Media” category. Then, all your iPhone ringtones are shown. Just click on “Add” to add the songs you want as ringtone.

3. Set iPhone Ringtones on iPhone
Now, the ringtones have been added to your iPhone 6s Plus/6s/6 Plus now, you can start the setup on your iPhone now. Go to “Settings” > “Sounds” > “Ringtones” and choose the one you want.

And that’s all you have to do. If you try setting iPhone ringtones with iTunes, the settings will never be that easy:
1. Launch iTunes.
2. Pick up start and stop time of the audio files. (less than 30 seconds)
3. Create AAC version.
4. Show songs in windows explorer and convert the audio to M4R format.
5. Play and Sync Tones to iPhone.
6. Set iPhone song as ringtone.

It is obvious that iTunes is complex while iOS Transfer is high-efficient and helpful. Besides, iTunes doesn’t allow you to set the whole song as a ringtone while iOS Transfer does. Why not try it on your own. If you know other method to make iPhone ringtones with ease, please share the way with us.

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