Living with Live Photos on iPhone 6s/6s Plus

Living with Live Photos on iPhone 6s/6s Plus

One of the coolest features of the newest iPhones, besides 3D Touch, is Live Photos. If you already have a new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, then you might be using the new camera mode without even knowing about it. So what exactly are Live Photos and how to create them? In this article we’ll take an in-depth look at his innovative technology and see how to get the most of this newest camera feature in iPhone.

What Is A Live Photo?
A live Photo is essentially a way to bring your photos to life by capturing 1.5 seconds before every picture taken and 1.5 seconds afterwards. This result in a total of three seconds of shot video footage captured in addition to the still image. When you view the still image in Camera Roll, you can make the animated photos “move” by hard-pressing (3D Touch) on the screen. It’s a bit like a GIF, but it can also capture audio at the same time.


Now only the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s can take a Live Photo. And you can use Live Photos with both the rear and front facing camera of those iPhones.

How Exactly Does It Work?
With Live Photos enabled, the native camera app will start recording videos as soon as you open the app. In this way, when you press the shutter button, you iPhone has already captured the 1.5 seconds leading up to the button press, and it saves that along with the 1.5 seconds following the image capture. Although a Live Photo captures movement and sound just before and after the photo was taken, Apple won’t call it a video and iOS doesn’t treat Live Photo like videos. A Live Photo is marked with a special icon in the image’s corner.

How to View Live Photos on Other iOS 9 Devices?
If your friends haven’t upgraded to the latest iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, that doesn’t mean they cannot enjoy the Live Photo fun. Because the Live Photo is combined with a MOV file and a JPG file, the full Live Photo experience will only be viewable on iOS devices that running iOS 9, the Apple Watch with watchOS 2, and Macs running OS X EI Captian. Once you’ve take one, you can simply share it via Message or email, and the Live Photo will be stripped of the MOV component and sent as a regular JPG. Once it’s received successfully, you can press on the image to play it like a video.


How to Take A Live Photo?
Open up the Camera app and enable Live Photos by tapping the icon that looks like a bull’s eye at the top of the screen. It will turn yellow when it’s on.
Next, point your camera and take a picture as normal. Keep your iPhone steady for 2-3 seconds and wait until the yellow colored viewfinder appears and then disappears.


Live Photos Aren’t Perfect: What are the limitations?

  • You can’t abruptly move iPhone immediately before or after taking a picture, otherwise the motion will be captured and made part of the Live Photo.
  • All Live Photos capture audio along with video. You cannot avoid the annoying background noise or cut-off the dialogues that ruins the great Live Photo.
  • Live Photos are not editable for now.

Now you can set your favorite Live Photo as your wallpaper on the Lock screen, and you can view Live Photos on your other Apple devices too by sharing Live Photos with iPhone 6s/6s Plus. We’ll learn a lot more about Live Photos the coming days, so make sure you won’t miss any of them! Share it if you like it!

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