What Will iOS 10 Bring to Your iPhone 6s/6s Plus?

It is high-end and innovative iOS system that drives iPhone to rise from obscurity to worldwide frame. Every time iOS is upgraded, we can enjoy new features. At the WWDC 2016, Apple will unleash iOS 10, the latest version of the iPhone system. So, what does iOS 10 bring to your iPhone 6s/6s Plus?

iOS 10

Raise to Wake
At the past, to wake up your iPhone, you needed to press the physical Home button. Now iOS 10 has facilitated the step. You can simply pick up your device and wake it up. Then, to enter the home page, you will just press the Home button or unlock the screen with your fingerprint other than right slide the screen.

Raise to Wake

Delete Built-in Apps
iPhone comes with no less than 20 built-in apps, among which many are rarely used. And we have no rights to remove them. What we can do is to drop and drag all of them to a folder. In iOS 10, you will be allowed to delete apps you don’t want except the Messenger, Call, Safari, Health app. This will help you clear the phone, save phone memory and organize the icon on the homepage.

iOS 10 Delete Apps

Modify Photos
iOS 10 allows you to modify your photos directly from the gallery. You can adjust the color, add text and randomly draw on the picture. You don’t need to install other apps on the phone so as to modify a picture.

Easy to Create Videos
iOS 10 makes it exceedingly easy to create a video with photos from your album. You can select some photos of a trip, adjust the play speed, add background music and more. Then you can one-click save the video, share it with your friends and upload it to video websites.

Deliver Personalized Messages
Well, do you usually use iMessage? iOS 10 will bring it back, together with some new features – You can hand write a message and send smart stickers and emoji. In addition, you can select one of six quick responses to express your thought. Plus, you can send a message or photo remains hidden, then simply swipe to reveal it with the Invisible ink feature.

iOS 10 Send Messages

Now iOS 10 is available only for developers. It is predicted that it will be available together with iPhone 7 in August or September. Nevertheless, only iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPhone 6/6s/6s plus are supported.

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