What Windows 7 users need to know about updating to Windows 10?

What Windows 7 users need to know about updating to Windows 10?

Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft. As of July 29, 2015, it is available as a free upgrade to every eligible device running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. And the free upgrade will last for about one year.
Why do you need to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10? After knowing these few features of Windows 10 below, you will find it appealing.

A Better Start Menu
The Start menu is reborn with a better experience, which is a combination of the old and the new one. What makes most people impressive is that the new Start Menu for Windows 10 is not only an application menu, it also allows users to choose most used apps that live as Live Tiles in the menu. Here are the different settings that users can use in the new Start Menu.
1. Start Menu + Tiles (default): Most used apps, shortcuts and Live Tile area, Program file list;
2. Start Menu + Tiles (full screen): Most used apps, shortcuts and Live Tile area, Program file list
3. Start Menu: Most used apps, shortcuts but no Live Tile area, Program file list.
Users can resize the new Start menu by simply grabbing the edge of it. Besides, the Start menu would recommend new apps to you that you may be interested in or present the one you recently installed. All of these are the choice of users.

windows 10 start menu

Action Center
The Action Center would bring up at right side of the window. And there are two main zones: one for apps notifications like Email, Twitter, News and Weather and another offers quick access to toggle on or off various important functions on your laptop or PC like Wi-Fi network, Display brightness, Battery Saver, VPN, Location, Quiet Hours, Airplane mode, Tablet mode and more. This gives conveniences for some users who have no idea where to find some of the settings you’re used to.

windows 10 action center
Multiple Desktops and Multitasking
Windows 10 has also come with multiple desktops, which is useful for multitasking and makes good use of display space. Windows 10 users can still put app on one side of the display with another app on the other side. This feature makes working with documents or programs more convenient. Although this function is not new, there are some improvements in Windows 10. For example, you can now snap four apps onto a display and shortcut key of the alt-tab to switch between apps is present with a nicer looking design. Multiple desktops let you choose easily which app you want to go to or close it. These improvements make multitasking feature clearer and simpler.

windows 10 multi-tasking
Most people think the coolest new function is Cortana, which is similar to Siri. People said it the Windows 10’s version of Siri, which appears near to the Start button on the taskbar. Cortana is Microsoft’s personal virtual assistant and is more than just a search tool.
It will search your apps, the Windows Store, the Web and your files to answer search requests.
It’s a quick way to launch an app or to access deeply hidden settings.
It will also pop up the current weather, monitor your flights, send an email using your voice, send recommendations for news, movies, entertainment, concerts and so on, help you launch apps by saying “Hey Cortana.”

windows 10 cortana

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft has launched a new browser into Windows 10 – Microsoft Edge, whose design has a very clean and simple look. Microsoft Edge allows users to choose between Dark and Light theme settings. Other new functions of Edge include Reading Mode, Annotating web pages, Cortana, and Reading List. If you need to find something you don’t know, just ask Cortana.

windows 10 edge
Windows Hello and Windows Passport
Microsoft is also coming with Windows Hello for security reason. The function would use camera or a fingerprint scanner to turn your body into a password. Once you’ve authenticated yourself with Windows Hello, Windows Passport will then give you access to a number of third-party sites and products, without needing you to log in all over again. It is more than just signing in to your computer too. Windows Hello also works for buying things in the Store.

windows 10 passport

Of course, the new Windows 10 is more than these new features. But these new functions are attractive enough to most Windows 7 users.

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