WWDC 2016: Five New Features May Come

WWDC 2016: Five New Features May Come

WWDC, a carnival for iOS fans, will be held in US on June 13, 2016. At the event, Apple will officially unveil update of iOS, watch OS, TV OS, and Mac OS. You may be particularly interested in the new features of iOS 10. Here we will show you all about it.


1. Apple Music will be Greatly Revamped


It is reported that Apple is intended to unveil the newly-design Apple music. Reportedly, Apple Music comes with a revamped interface. Furthermore, Apple will integrate streaming and downloaded music, and expand the online music service. In addition, the company will release new marketing project to attract more users.

It will be a big revolution of Apple music. From my opinion, the company should make Apple music as a standalone app. Although it seems not bad to integrate all music into one application, it is the main reason lead to mess. This will make the service more easy to use.

2. All-new iTunes


As the rapid number of products in App Store and iTunes Store, it is necessary to redesign the iTunes interface, making Apple Store, iTunes and Apple Music more integrated.

It is known to us that the tiny and powerful app is the major factor that contributes to iOS’ success. It sounds good that old iTunes integrates all kind of music. However, it will mess the items in your library. To make it easier to find music in the library, it is significant to revamp iTunes.

3. New Method to Search in Apple Store


Up till now, we can search in App Store only by typing the keyword. In iOS 10, Apple may enhance the search feature by adding new category. It is available to easily search for free apps or the ones charge to users.

4. Siri Controls More Apps


Apple will add more control functions to Siri, which allows Siri to directly remotely control the Apple TV. It is of the ability to enter words, search and more. Now Apple TV offers 2,000 or so applications, which will make Siri smarter and far more useful.

5. Delete First-party Application

Delete Apps

There are some apps that users may never use, iBook Store for example. To save more storage and prevent the phone memory from running out, iOS 10 will give right to users to delete some of the apps that come with the phone.

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